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Laura and Carmen Gea two sisters and recently licensed in Business Administration, are the founders of the popular and successful card game drinking , GLOP GAME .

The company is engaged in the manufacture , distribution and marketing of the product worldwide , achieving high volume sales especially in Europe , highlighting countries like Spain and Germany.

Personal interview :

How and when was the idea born GLOPGAME ?

We had some time thinking and looking for ideas for new businesses that could operate within an environment of crisis such as we are experiencing today. The truth that so far could not find anything to attract our attention and especially not watched him a great future viability.
Everything came one afternoon in 2012 , sitting on the couch when we begin to disclose to create a card game and why not ? , An exclusive game and thought to drink and make those typical dinner with friends, a fun and unforgettable atmosphere .
We were already familiar ideas that there were drinking games using a coin , the Spanish deck, dice...but not a game with rules , actions and questions ready-made , ready to begin a new and different game.
The truth that reflect little at the thought, as we loved from the first moment , so do not hesitate to implement it.
The invention , design, web programming , all have been through the family team we have at home .

How was the beginning ?

After months of intense work , we conducted a sample to see the reaction of our audience closer to our friends ! Do not believe what we told them there was none that did not give us congratulations and he would be surprised by the hilarious idea. It was with them that we released and made the first meetings GLOP .
So in summary we remember the beginning with a lot of fun, were afternoons and evenings when we did not stop laughing imagining answering embarrassing questions , testing not normally do if you were not in an Glop atmosphere! It was fanstatic!

How was the process of entering the market?

We were very clear that our selling point was entirely online, so do not hesitate to hang our first design and web , that since then, we have improved and adapted .
We also very clear, and we're working on it , the main window of our game, are fundamentally social networks , which now play a large role in businesses and commerce .

How were the first sales?

Surprising for us and very happy to reach the numbers we partially dedicating to the project.

What is your outlook for the future?

Well, we have been a few months that we have decided , after the success , fully devote to this project and look for strategies to be recognized locally, nationally and internationally .That is why we decided to get our game in three languages: Spanish , English and German. We are convinced that this will work and work -based learning, this being a positive experience.
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